Beautiful Inside and Out

Aya here (:
I’d like to dedicate this post to my best friend, Yuka. Take it as a wiki page about her. By the time you finish reading this post, you’ll know how she’s beautiful inside and out (: Let’s talk briefly about the outside first. She has normal height, natural brown hair that she wants to turn black, sleepy eyes, beautiful hands and a very skinny body. I love her hands…she has pretty nails too. My hands are pretty much non-existent so I envy her.


Yuka was born and raised in the same city all her life and I guess that explains why she seeks for adventure once in a while. She’s real life Tintin (I hope you see the reference Yuka) and isn’t afraid to try out new things.

“God made us best friends because He knew our Mums couldn’t handle us as sisters”

As much as the two of us have similarities, we have a lot of differences as well. There were times (especially in our senior year) when we had serious fights where it made us rethink our friendship. We’re both pretty emotional but Yuka tends to keep things to herself while I tend to speak straight from my mind.

I sometimes wish that I had some sort of magical power to read her mind…it can be really hard to guess at times. But then I realize how this is part of our friendship and that I have to make my way to her for her to open up with me. She once told me on a random train ride home that I changed her for the better. Words can’t explain how I felt then.


I was just thinking. What does Yuka like? Let me try and list a few things…

– Airplanes, airports, air anything
– The number 17
– Her pet dog (he can be violent…)
– Ice cream
– Vegetables (onions especially)
– This one marble bread from Lawson
– The colour blue and brown
– Her iPhone
– Beach
– Warm clothes and hoodies
– Simple jewelery
– Blond hair, blue eyes
– Peter Pan
– Amsterdam
– Grapefruit perfume
– Brushing her teeth
– Intense roller coasters

There is a lot more but I’ll stop here for now…


Yuka and I can be two very different people. She’s more of a sci-tech type while I’m artsy, she gets work done quickly while I take forever and she’s tidy while I’m a complete mess. I think this is why we hardly had any classes together in high school, but I remember how we somehow made sure that we had at least one class together every year and we took part in a lot of school activities together. We were the senior editors for our school year book this year and this is when I was really surprised at how Yuka gets work done so quickly…we were inserting photos into the pages and when I got through 5 people, she was done with 15. Also when we were volunteering over the summer at school, we had to put 200-300 books in alphabetical order and while I went through1 pile she went through 3. Really, I have NO IDEA how she does it but…she just does.

She also modeled for me for one of my art pieces (: I originally wasn’t planning to conduct a photo shoot so I made the dress using the measurements of a mannequin. But Yuka actually wore the dress for me…I mean she was the only person who fit in it but still, she kept up with my awful photo shoot skills and survived in the tight dress for an hour or so…

Casablanca Fee

The funny thing about Yuka is that she seeks for adventure and puts things to action…BUT she hates decision making. When it comes to decision making this is all she says: “I don’t mind”. I sometimes feel as if I’m making her do things and that I’m taking over so I ask and ask and ask what she wants. It’s so intense that we even got in to a fight once because we couldn’t decide. Talking about fights, there was a time when I didn’t know how I was supposed to act around Yuka and I asked a friend why I kept feeling this way. She gave me this great advice so I’ll share.

“No one is perfect and there is no such thing as a perfect match when it comes to friendship. The reason you two are best friends is because you two complete each other. Even though you might have something that you just can’t agree on, it’s just that one thing. Just be proud of what you two have, be positive.”

One of the things I love about Yuka is how she writes down how she feels once in a while. While we’re currently in a world full of technology, she writes letters to me, some random, some serious. There was a letter where for the first time she addressed me as her best friend. She also promised me on the letter that she will keep me happy forever. Really. It was like a proposal…I think it was the first time I cried by reading a letter…


Yuka is my best friend, but she is also my second mum, sister, partner and other half. She can be anything and everything (: I know that was reaaaaally cheesy…but I’m sure you all get what I want to say! I have more secrets to expose…so stay tuned!

Lots of love,

P.s. I love you so much Yuka!! Thank you always.


Yuka’s Past Travels

Yuka here. I would like to dedicate this blog post on past travels I have done. Before I start, I would like to first list places I’ve traveled!

Japan, Korea, Hawaii/USA, Cambodia and the UK. Since the USA is big, the states I’ve been to are, MA, CT, NY, CA, and IL.

Out of the places I’ve travelled to, I would have to say my most memorable journey was to Cambodia and Okinawa, Japan. I am not saying that I had the best experiences at these two places, as every journey provided me with different wonders and excitement, but out of all the places I’ve been to, my journey to Cambodia and Okinawa, Japan helped me change as a person, in a good way.


I traveled to Cambodia to go help build a school in a rural area of Cambodia called Pursat. It was an amazing experience which I will never ever forget. I was able to see with my bare eyes with what a third world country was like and to understand how they lived and what they really needed in their lives. The children from Pursat Province came to help us build a school and I have never felt so welcomed in my life before. Even if I were a complete stranger to them, they would grab my hand and would hug me and would make headbands out of flowers for me to wear. They were really sweet and the local people other than the children were also so welcoming and nice. If I were to choose a place right now to visit, I would choose to visit Pursat, Cambodia to meet them all again.

Plus…Cambodia is a country full of rich culture. The Angkor Wat was amazing. Who knew people back in the year 1125 could build such an amazing, immense temple?


If you are to travel to Cambodia, I request you to study their history. Especially the time when Cambodia was under the rule of the Khmer Rouge. I think it was a civil war that was never meant to happen. Many lives were lost (brutally in many cases) because of the rules made by the Communist Party of Kampuchea…such as to kill people who were educated (like doctors) so that a classless society would be formed where no rich people existed. I recommend a book called “First They Killed My Father” by Loung Ung. Loung Ung was still very young when the civil war was happening and this book illustrates the civil war with great detail to understand the situation of the war better.

Okinawa, Japan

I just love Okinawa, and when I say Okinawa, I specifically mean the island of Miyako-Jima Why that island? let me explain below…

It’s a very small island (you can go around the island in about an hour by car) and it has the best ocean ever.


Other than the transparent ocean with many colorful ┬ásea creatures moving around, I love the Shimojishima Airport they have there. It’s an airport where they train pilots and when the plane departs or lands for training, there is a place where you (tourists) can stand underneath the plane….and the view is amazing. For those of you who did not understand what I meant, here is a picture….


See? the plane flies right above your head! The moment I saw the plane flying over my head, I knew I wanted a job that was somehow related to aircrafts. I could stay there for hours and would still be amazed every time I saw a plane fly over head. Yes, airplanes are cool.

Otherwise, I loved Taketomijima Island. Why? Because they only have one traffic light on their island. How cool is that?