The One and Only

I hate how she makes me laugh all the time.
I hate how she can instantly turn my frown into a smile.
I hate how she can be so sweet.
I hate how she is so perfect
and I hate how she makes me love her so much.

Hi Aya, this post is dedicated to you. I want to thank you for always being there for me and by trusting me at all times throughout our friendship. No words can describe how much you mean to me. Seriously.


Eight years ago…when we first met at school, we barely talked (from what i remember). You were the ‘new girl’ and I was the same old shy girl who was uncomfortable of breaking out of her comfort zone ( I was afraid to meet new people). Then you moved near my house and we started to hang out. We went to watch movies, eat junk food and just to chill at your house…and im really really glad you moved nearby! I remember going to burger king while we will just blab gossip blab laugh about what was going on in our lives. Although we hung out in middle school, I still didnt know you as much as i do now. Its weird how in high school we became really tight. We would do everything together. We would tell everything to each other and those were the times I felt the happiest. Thank you.

Senior year was the best. I think it was the year that was most tough for us (academic work, college applications, relationship problems) but I think it was the year that made me realize who really is important in our lives. It was a year that made me realize to keep loved ones close and to support them in every way I can.

And you, Aya, made me realize that.

I’ve never met anyone who has supported me in rough times and has cared about me so much. I still become teary when I think back about the time when you visited me at the hospital everyday when I had to stay there for a week. You had plenty of other things to do and you were so busy but you came to visit me. Thank you. You do not know how much that meant to me.

There are many more things that you have done that made me cry (in a good way). Just remember that whenever I cry because of you, I cry because im happy.

You changed me as a person and I have to thank you. I used to be a girl who was so scared to share my thoughts with other people because I was so scared that I would be rejected. But you made me realize that its okay to be myself. You encouraged me to share my thoughts and you listened. You listened to every word I said and I felt and knew that you loved me for being who i am. Thank you.

I also have to thank you for always listening to my worries and by coming up with solutions with me as if it was your worry. No one has ever done that with me. Normally people will just listen to them and say words that would comfort me such as “it’ll be alright”, but you were different. You rarely say those comfort sentences to me, and i love how you are honest. Thank you.

You do not know how much i am going to miss you.
But please remember that you are my one and only best friend who I will always turn to share interesting stories and personal worries. I love you!



Yuka’s Past Travels

Yuka here. I would like to dedicate this blog post on past travels I have done. Before I start, I would like to first list places I’ve traveled!

Japan, Korea, Hawaii/USA, Cambodia and the UK. Since the USA is big, the states I’ve been to are, MA, CT, NY, CA, and IL.

Out of the places I’ve travelled to, I would have to say my most memorable journey was to Cambodia and Okinawa, Japan. I am not saying that I had the best experiences at these two places, as every journey provided me with different wonders and excitement, but out of all the places I’ve been to, my journey to Cambodia and Okinawa, Japan helped me change as a person, in a good way.


I traveled to Cambodia to go help build a school in a rural area of Cambodia called Pursat. It was an amazing experience which I will never ever forget. I was able to see with my bare eyes with what a third world country was like and to understand how they lived and what they really needed in their lives. The children from Pursat Province came to help us build a school and I have never felt so welcomed in my life before. Even if I were a complete stranger to them, they would grab my hand and would hug me and would make headbands out of flowers for me to wear. They were really sweet and the local people other than the children were also so welcoming and nice. If I were to choose a place right now to visit, I would choose to visit Pursat, Cambodia to meet them all again.

Plus…Cambodia is a country full of rich culture. The Angkor Wat was amazing. Who knew people back in the year 1125 could build such an amazing, immense temple?


If you are to travel to Cambodia, I request you to study their history. Especially the time when Cambodia was under the rule of the Khmer Rouge. I think it was a civil war that was never meant to happen. Many lives were lost (brutally in many cases) because of the rules made by the Communist Party of Kampuchea…such as to kill people who were educated (like doctors) so that a classless society would be formed where no rich people existed. I recommend a book called “First They Killed My Father” by Loung Ung. Loung Ung was still very young when the civil war was happening and this book illustrates the civil war with great detail to understand the situation of the war better.

Okinawa, Japan

I just love Okinawa, and when I say Okinawa, I specifically mean the island of Miyako-Jima Why that island? let me explain below…

It’s a very small island (you can go around the island in about an hour by car) and it has the best ocean ever.


Other than the transparent ocean with many colorful  sea creatures moving around, I love the Shimojishima Airport they have there. It’s an airport where they train pilots and when the plane departs or lands for training, there is a place where you (tourists) can stand underneath the plane….and the view is amazing. For those of you who did not understand what I meant, here is a picture….


See? the plane flies right above your head! The moment I saw the plane flying over my head, I knew I wanted a job that was somehow related to aircrafts. I could stay there for hours and would still be amazed every time I saw a plane fly over head. Yes, airplanes are cool.

Otherwise, I loved Taketomijima Island. Why? Because they only have one traffic light on their island. How cool is that?



What to do…What to do

Hello! This is Yuka. I’m going to be honest with you guys…i confess that my writing skill is crap. No jokes. You guys can go ask my English teacher and i’m pretty sure that she will agree with me. However, the weird thing is, is that I like to write (as long as they are not assignments that require us to write under time constraints and on a topic which I don’t even want to write about.) Ok. I should stop blabbing about my writing skills…but  I’m really excited about this blog. I get to share my thoughts and experiences with you and I think its a great way to stay in touch with my best friend who will be living somewhere far…far…far… away from me.


Anyways, I’m really excited about university. Just being able to experience living in a new country…in a different culture with new people makes me excited about the four years to come. However, I know I will end up being home sick. Where ever I end up living in the future, Japan will always be my home and the friends I made in high school will forever be my friends. Since Aya listed some things she is worried about…i will do the same…

1. Will I be able to survive the winter in Boston?
2. Will I be able to make friends?
3. What shall I do with my laundry…
4. What clubs shall I join?

I have more…many more worries but the ones listed above are the main worries I have!
Anyways, I’ve got to go study for a big big big test that’s coming up in two days!

Wish me luck! and please follow our blog if you like it 🙂