About Us

Friendship is not a matter of distance, but a matter of heart.

Aya and Yuka first met in fifth grade. Although they were not as close as they are now, they ended up being neighbours and that was when their friendship started to grow. Afterschool hangouts and the drastic morning train rides to school was all they needed to be assured that they will end up being friends…forever. Now as they come to the end of high school, they will be heading off to different countries to follow their dreams. This blog is their travel blog, where they will share their thoughts, emotions and experiences they had along their way.

18, Japanese, born and raised in the land of sushi and pokemon. I will be flying off to Boston, MA for university to study mechanical engineering and to pursue my dream of becoming an aeronautical engineer (my favorite aircraft would be the Boeing 787 Dreamliner and the Airbus A380) and I am planning to study aboard for a semester so stay tuned on where I’ll be going! My blog entries will consist of abundant pictures and descriptions of airplanes, food, friends, random objects and amazing scenery.

18, Japanese and Taiwanese, born and raised in the land of the rising sun with addiction to potatoes and matcha (green tea). I also have a crazy addiction for disney and I love going to disneyland. I will be flying off to Glion, Switzerland for university to study hospitality management. I am currently dreaming to become a wedding planner to create “the day of your dreams”  and I will be studying abroad as well! My blog entires will consist of the ordinary things that colour our lives. I love photography and I am planning to share the beauty and the craziness around my world with everyone.


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